Frank Clinton's home by Ghislain Luthers

Architect Dominic Stevens gives tours of the Mimetic house

Children's Mud workshop - creating homes and buildings from Leitrim mud!

Award-winning 'Landscape Room'

'Made' Exhibition of architects' models at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre

On the roof at Susan and Diego's home

Welcome to Green-Door Ireland

 Green-Door 2017 dates announced:

Friday 29th Sept - Sunday 1st October

So, save the date and make sure you are subscribed to our newsletters (see link at top of home page) and watch this space!

We are delighted to announce that we have received funding from the following organisations which means Green-Door 2017 will be going ahead! Thanks to:

The Arts Council, The Heritage Coucil, Leitrim arts Office and  Leitrim County Council.


If you would like to get involved please do get in touch. Also, if you have a building or know of a building in the Leitrim/Sligo area that you think should be included please email:

In the meantime, you can get a flavour of some of the homes through our interactive documentary "Through the Green-Door" made with award winning filmmaker Róisín Loughgrey. Go to to and enjoy exploring four homes and meet the architects and homeowners.

Green-Door 2015 was held over the weekend of August 28th-30th and attracted hundreds of people to Co's Leitrim and Sligo for a weekend packed with open-homes, talks, tours, workshops and exhibitions. Over 2,600 visits were made to homes, buildings and events over the three days.

Check out our photo gallery to catch a glimpse of the weekend.

This was all made possible thanks to the : Arts Council of Ireland, Heritage Council of Ireland, Design Ireland 2015, Leitrim Arts and the Community Diaspora Leitrim and the Government Policy on Architecture scheme. 

Out charity partner was the North West Simon Community - we are deligted to say that the grand total colected over the weekend was €1,486.80 which is fantastic!

The biggest thanks though goes to all the generous home-owners who were prepared to open their doors and share their experiences with you: THANK YOU ALL.

Latest News

Green-Door home up for sale

Hill House and Blueberry Cottage, Blacklion, Co. Cavan, a home that was in Green-Door is now up for sale. Read more...

Gin Visitor centre to be directed by Leitrim Architect Thomas G Flynn

Leitrim architect Thomas G. Flynn is directing the building project and will prioritise working with local suppliers and contractors. Read more...

Mud and Wood 2017

Mud and Wood have published their list of courses for 2017. They include an introduction to cob, pizza oven building, right through to 'design your own home'.  Read more...

Extending Architecture Training Sessions

Extending Architecture training session in Galway with key note from Kate Goodwin - curator of Sensing Spaces exhibitions at the Royal Academy London in 2012.  Read more...

Amphibious Homes

“Conventional wisdom has always been about running away from water and building big barriers to defend against the risk of flooding,” says Barker of Baca Architects “But with rising sea levels and increasing flood risk, we’re going to have to learn to embrace water and use it to our advantage.” Read more...

Through the Green Door iDoc

An interactive documentary exploring eco-homes, self-building and architecture in the North West of Ireland. 

Go to and enjoy exploring four homes and meet the architects and homeowners.

In 2015 we worked with award winning filmmaker Róisín Loughgrey on a new exciting interactive documentary: ‘Through the Green Door’ based on four of the homes featured on our website.

An i-doc is an interactive documentary film viewed on the web where the narrative unfolds depending on what YOU want to see.  The idea of ‘Through the Green Door’ is to try to make the Green Door festival experience available to a wider audience. Interviews with homeowners, architects and builders and footage of inside houses allows the viewer to hear a wide range of stories about building, living and renovating in Co Leitrim.

The viewer has a choice of homes to visit, all very different from each other and each with its own story to tell. You click on the house you want to see and listen to an interview with the homeowners. From there you have other options: to hear an interview with the architect or builder, to take a virtual wander round the house or to go back and select another story.

Read More

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