Green-Door - A Festival of Rural Architecture & Design

Green-Door Weekend 2017 dates announced!

29th September-1st October.

We are delighted to announce that we have received funding from the following organisations which means Green-Door 2017 will be going ahead!

Thanks to:

The Arts Council, The Heritage Coucil, Leitrim arts Office and  Leitrim County Council.


Green-Door is a Festival of Rural Architecture & Design; a weekend of homes with sustainable features and ways of living, open to the public. 

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About Green-Door:

This is a chance to see inside homes, meet the homeowners, architects, designers and builders behind the restorations, extensions and new builds; it is a weekend where we are encouraged to look at our built environment, our local, inherited and new built vernacular and consider its impact on our lives and landscape.

Through tapping into these homes, that are often hidden away down lanes and up hillsides and, through the generosity of the homeowners allowing the public to visit,  the festival is able to open up debate, bring people and ideas together and inspire innovation and consideration for the future of rural living, building, planning, architecture and design.

We ran Green-Door festivals in 2012, 2013 and 2015 when we were  generously supported by The Arts Council of Ireland, the Heritage Council, Irish Design, Leitrim Arts, Leitrim Tourism and  Harnessing Creativity.

We programmed  a weekend full of talks, excellent speakers, workshops, exhibitions and demonstrations, with the aim of stimulating and inspiring the weekend's particpiants. See an overview below:

We were able to run Green Door 2015 due to our sponsors: The Arts Council,  Irish Design 2015, The Dept of Arts, Heritage, and the Gaeltacht, Leitrim Arts, the Heritage Council and Leitrim Tourism: 




Charity Partner: