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Block 2
NewtownBusiness Park
Co. Wicklow

Tel: +353 (0)1 281 1646

Water Treatment is our business.

We are an Irish water INNOVATIONS and SOLUTIONS company.

We design, develop and bring to market innovative water treatment technologies that distribute pressurised water in a pure, fresh, safe, natural, sustainable and economically advantageous way.

We have developed a system which treats water to drinking water standard for all your household and business needs. This is achieved by using our new patented RainSafe™ technology that cleverly combines UV light, Ozone and Filtration to ensure the delivery of water which is pure, clean and fresh to drink straight from your tap.

The RainSafe™  is easily installed in new or existing homes without the need for a secondary plumbing network. It connects directly to the domestic plumbing system and becomes your primary water supply. With the RainSafe™ retrofitting harvested rainwater systems into old houses is now hassle free as re-plumbing the house is no longer necessary.

The RainSafe™ will treat municipal water, harvested rainwater, ground water or a combination of all three. When the RainSafe™ is used together with a rainwater harvesting system it SAVES YOU MONEY too. It ensures water supply in your home is always at a good strong water pressure. Your family is protected if there is a deterioration in municipal water quality, if there is a boil water notice or even if there is a complete cut-off in mains water supply by regulatory authorities. The RainSafe™ offers you the protection of a 230 litres (60 gallon) private backup reservoir of treated water in your own home. With the RainSafe™ in your home you and your family can enjoy therefreshing taste and benefits of healthy pressurised drinking water.

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