Workshops with Peter Cowman

Two workshops by Peter Cowman:

  • Saturday 30th September in Leitrim Village Community Hall

  • Sunday 1st October in The Glens Centre in Manorhamilton


Saturday 30th September in Leitrim Village Hall

11am - 1pm   A Crash Course in Eco-Building Design 

Free but places limited online booking recommended  

In this concise and thought-provoking presentation Peter Cowman sets down the essential principles governing meaningful eco-building design based on his proven and successful Sheltermaker Design Programme as developed over the last 25 years.  The presentation marks the launch of the Design Programme under a Creative Commons license. 

Latecomers cannot be facilitated at this event.

Further details:

*Samples of Peter’s work can be seen at LMN28 and SL06 on Sunday

If you would like to bring food to share there will be a community picnic from 1pm.


Sunday 1st October in The Glens Centre in Manorhamilton

11-1pm – A Brief History of Shelter: A Sheltermaker Theatre preformance art piece describing the evolution of shelter as an essential component of human life on Earth.

The piece aims to weave life and shelter into a tapestry that can be ‘read’ by anyone with a desire to achieve a ‘sustainable’ way of life. The format is being developed as a means of by-passing the psychological resistance usually encountered as people consider the ‘how’ of moving towards a ‘sustainable’ way of life. It is envisaged that the presentation will have an interactive element and will utilise simple components, models and images to support the ‘history’.

Book online 

Participants in this event should plan to get to the venue on time and stay for the duration.