Amphibious Homes

Monday 15, February 2016

Check out the full article about amphibious homes here. Could this be the solution to a lot of Carrick-on-Shannon's problems?!

Here's a summary:

'Like a shimmering sea creature': Britain's first amphibious homes

A luxury floating house on the Thames that rises and falls with the water levels is just the start for the architectural duo set on addressing problem flooding.

Robert Barker and Richard Coutts, founders of Baca Architects, have spent the past decade dedicated to developing building strategies that can work with water, rather than against it, and whose thinking has resulted in a timely new book, Aquatecture


“Conventional wisdom has always been about running away from water and building big barriers to defend against the risk of flooding,” says Barker, sitting in Baca’s south London studio, where the walls are plastered with watery-blue images of projects planned for the edge of rivers, lakes and seafronts. “But with rising sea levels and increasing flood risk, we’re going to have to learn to embrace water and use it to our advantage.”

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