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Colin Ritchie

Mud & Wood
Grange Beg
Co. Sligo

Tel: ++ 353 (0) 71 930 0488
Mob: ++ 353 (0) 86 806 8382

Colin Ritchie is a carpenter by trade, having completed his apprenticeship under his father in 1987. Originally from Scotland, he moved to Ireland 1999. He has also worked in Australia and New Zealand. While renovating old stone cottages, he became interested in natural-edged woodwork. He is a connoisseur of timber and collects windfall trees from the surrounding region to provide him with his raw materials. He is a true craftsman when it comes to wood.

In collaboration with Féile, his wife, he began building their 130m² cob-and-timber-frame house in 2008. During the construction of the house, Colin made many of the components from scratch: milling up windfall trees to make door frames, door leafs, window boards, stairs, kitchen units; mixing cob; making earth plasters. He is an expert at sourcing and salvaging materials, often for little or no cost.

Colin has worked locally in the northwest for over a decade, tackling projects from the renovation of traditional cottages to the construction of church roofs. He also works at a smaller scale, repairing/replacing specific components of heritage windows, crafting individual doors, or constructing stairs to exact specifications. He specialises in creating bespoke storage solutions in any type of space, no matter how awkward.

His love of natural edged wood also translates into a collection of unique and beautiful furniture, ranging from coffee and dining room tables to shelving units to children’s chairs.

In 2010 and 2011, Colin was a course tutor for the Sligo Hub of Green Works

. He has since run numerous natural building and furniture-making workshops at the Mud and Wood House and for clients as diverse as Sligo Grammar School, Louth Creative Spark Craft Mark and CLAR ICH.


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