Extending Architecture Training Sessions

Monday 04, April 2016

I attended the Extending Architecture training session in Galway with key note from Kate Goodwin - curator of Sensing Spaces exhibitions at the Royal Academy London in 2012. 

The aim of the day was to look at options for curators, architects and artists and to consider how and in what way an audience can be led to engage in an exhibition or piece of work. The need for this was highlighted as being so important in a time when we all passively absorb information and images without having to engage in any way with them.

We covered three case studies included Sensing Spaces with Kate explaining how by entering into the exhibition the audience is already, consciously of not, engaged with the architects' work.

Blaithin Quinn talked about her work Shaping Space where she worked directly with the community group Red Bird culminating in a group show. We also talked about the collective ANU's interactive drama Laundry which forcibly led the audience through their work in a totally immersive work.

The discussion around all of these reinforced the idea that taking a risk or a challenge is where progress happens -  this is something to be remembered.

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