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Killegar house is currently lived in by Sue Killegar and her son. It is a heritage building with a lot of history that deserves to be written down somewhere before it is lost- lots of stories to be told about the place and it would be great to get them all documented. Lord Kilbraken did write 14 books, several which were about Ireland and three were natural history; one is called ‘Living like a Lord’ which gives some insight into the building's history.
The house is in need of repair and Sue Kilbraken is working hard to try to make this happen. She is always happy to conduct tours for anyone or any groups who may be interested and can give a mixture of its recent and ancient history. This is very interesting but progress on any repairs/development will be very slow.


Stately home in bad need of repair. An interest in how this can be done in an eco way.


Killegar is the enchanting Georgian family home of the Godleys, who came to Ireland as merchants in the 17th century. Killegar House was built, or was possibly remodelled from an exisiting c.1750s gable-ended house, in 1813  by John Godley III. He was responsible for building the Church of Ireland, the school and school-teacher’s house, together with the two gate-lodges and eight other cottages in the demesne. John Godley III, or "Old John" as he is known, also planted magnificent woodlands.
Killegar is described by current resident Sue, Lady Kilbracken as ‘a jewel in the heart of Leitrim’. It is the last ‘Big House’ in the county still lived in by the descendants of the family who built it and one of very few left in Ireland. Lady Sue lives at Killegar with her son, Sean Godley who is the sixth generation Godley to call Killegar home.
John Godley, Third Lord Kilbracken, inherited the house in 1950 but sadly in 1970 much of Killegar House was consumed by fire. Although Lord Kilbracken rebuilt the house, changes that were made to reduce costs have led to many structural problems and problems with damp. As a result, the house is in dire need of major renovation, especially in those parts of the house which are currently uninhabitable. Lord Kilbracken passed away in August 2006 having spent his entire life working to preserve Killegar.
It is the family wish that the house be restored to its former glory and, with this in mind, the ‘Save Killegar Campaign’ was launched in October 2006 to enlist the help of the community, the County Councils of Leitrim and Cavan, TDs, MEPs, the Departments of Forestry, Environment, Fisheries and anyone with a love of history and Irish heritage. The campaign's aim is to set in place a strategic approach to funding and reconstruction in order to rescue the beautiful, but sadly deteriorating house.
The ‘Save Killegar Campaign’ is currently looking for funding and investigating different business ventures which will help determine the destiny of the home Lord Kilbracken loved and fought to preserve for over fifty years.


None. Huge costs involved to retrofit any kind of energy saving/heating devices.  Any eco-interest will be any future restoration that Sue Killbraken is able to get funding for and the can be done in a way that is faithful to the original.


A glimpse into the past.


None as yet


None as yet


Original stone and slates.


One Raeburn in the kitchen and open fires throughout.


There are two systems, the rain water is collected from the roof and fed into a large storage tank and is used for general purpose. The spring water comes from a well and is used as drinking wate


The system is the same as when the house was completed in 1813.


There are several gardens, the three tiered terrace at the front of the house, the walled 'secret' garden and the original kitchen gardens and orchards.


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