North West Simon Community

Thank you to everyone who donated this year - we are collecting the buckets in and will let you know how much we collected as soon as it has been counted.

We are delighted to have the North West Simon Community as our charity partner again this year. In 2015 we raised €1,486.80 over the weekend.

Green-Door weekend is about sharing information and exchanging ideas in order to help each other in our decisions on how to build and live with the environment and future in mind.

It is not about showing off luxury homes or opening up show-houses. These are all real homes with all their quirks, mistakes and foibles visible! However, we are all very grateful to have these homes and to be able to share them with you for one day.

We are all also very aware that there is a housing crisis in Ireland and that it is only set to worsen. Living in the countryside we often think of this as an urban problem however there are many homeless people in the North West of Ireland and the North West Simon Community is doing all it can to house people. For this reason we invited them to become our charity partner again for 2017.


Because we have received grant aid, and because of the generosity of the home owners, we are able to offer the visits to the homes for free – in return for this - this year there will be collection buckets for North West Simon at each home. We would ask you to give generously.

The North West Simon Community

The North West Simon Community is one of 8 Simon Communities of Ireland and prevents homelessness in Sligo, Leitrim & Donegal. All monies raised locally stays locally.  Each Simon community is independently run.

North West Simon Community have seen a dramatic increase in “new homeless” people, the “invisible” or” hidden homelessness” is increasing as people are “crashing” with other family and friends, people are effectively being blocked from accessing housing and rents are rising. People are experiencing constant pressure due to health issues, vulnerability, stress of losing a home, uncertainty in accessing appropriate accommodation and limited “move-on” options.

While Sligo, Leitrim & Donegal does not have a rough sleeping population,  it is dealing with the phenomenon of “hidden homelessness” with many people stranded in inadequate or emergency accommodation as a result of a lack of “move on facilities”

There is a considerable increase in the number of younger people and families who are facing an uphill battle to find affordable accommodation on the lower rate of social welfare payment.  Our outreach worker currently is assisting and supporting 30 families in Leitrim and preventing them from becoming homeless.

North West Simon Community housing support teams across Sligo, Leitrim & Donegal work to help people stay in their homes and to find accommodation if they do become homeless. By carrying out a needs assessment and providing clear advice 180 families and individuals were prevented from entering homelessness in the region last year. The local charity provided housing for a further 38 people in Donegal. 

We rely heavily on fundraising and donations as we currently do NOT receive any government funding.