Padraig and Eithne



Padraig grew up in a small -windowed thatch cottage, the large windows and emphasis on light in his new house is a reaction to that.

Says that: 'Everyone used to know how to build houses but chose to move on to the new testosterone –fuelled bungalows There was a mistrust of all  architects, they were seen as a perceived from of colonialism - guys with measuring tapes and new ideas. Now it's a time to move on from the quasi-modernist bungalow'.    

Padraig and Eithne chose their architect, Paul Haslette after seeing other work he had done. He designed them an open-plan modernist home. It is not huge but every space has its purpose.   The kitchen flows into the living room with its huge windows overlooking trees and fields as well as upstairs up the spiral staircase that leads from the kitchen to Padraig’s office space. The flue from the fire in the living room travels up through his office and his desk is built around it.. The bedroom and spare rooms lead off from the living space and the office. Large sliding doors provide optional walls.

They love being surrounded by nature. Padraig lists all the birds and animals they see regularly passing over or through their garden: deer, pine martin, foxes, badgers, herons, geese, bats.


Very modern, striking design.


Visible from the road this house has been of interest to passers by since it was being built and it is referred to locally as the ‘ski-slope house'.  Its unusual design and stiking shape caused people to wonder what the thinking was behind it.

The high pitch roof has been planted with sedum and, as the front of the house faces away from the road,  from the road itself one imagines the views over the hills and countryside. In that sense it is quite a private and secretive house.


  • A house designed to suit the needs of the occupants, no more sapce than is needed.
  • A green-roof panted with sedum see
  • A productive polytunnel and trees.
  • Good, well-insulated windows. (truewindows).


Built for a composer who needed light and space that would suit him to work and live. A very modern design imposed onto a very rural landscape.


Paul Haslette


Advertised for a builder, asked for tenders. Chose Gerard McGourty, GMG contractors.


Project managed by Paul Haslette. Padraig also went to the house everyday to check on the work.

Foundations   Concrete
Walls  Concrete block
Roof   Bouder sedum roof, because it soaks up the rainfall, it helps the house to blend into the countryside and helped in getting the planning permission.
Insulation  Cellulose paper insulation.
Finishings  Shopped around from Homebase to……


Oil. Couldn’t justify spending more on another system. Would consider changing to something more sustainable in the future


Mains. Has an extra water tank for storage in case of a drop in pressure of the service, they are at the top of a hill.




Polytunnel, growing vegetables and fruit.
Planted a few trees but has deer coming through regularly.


Took one year to build.

Satisfaction rating: Very happy with the outcome. Loves the spot, feels immersed in the countryside.

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