Siobhan and Gerry Ballantine



Have built their own homes before and have clear ideas of what they want this time. The site belonged to Gerry’s uncle and in 2004 he offered them the chance to buy the land. When Siobhan, who is from Wexford, saw it she said ‘it felt like home’. They proceeded to buy the site in 2005.

They would both like to live just outside the village.  Bought 2005-2006 tried to find an architect, but they were hard to come by as they were all busy at that time designed estates and malls.  Eugene O’Neil had an English architect working with him who he assigned to the Ballantine’s house. They spent hours and weeks with this architect thrashing out their ideas. They were clear about what they didn’t want and from that eventually came up with a plan of what they wanted Siobhan says:
“Upside down house, balcony like Walton’s mountains, so old but back into the new, open plan but cheating because I wanted rooms on both levels, so wide spaces, eco-friendly, spacious, glass and steel”.
From this the architect drew up the plans. However, problems arose between the client and the architect so the Ballantine’s decided to go ahead without an architect. They had the basic drawings drawn up so took them to a builder, Derek Shaw who was happy to take on the job.


New build. Building stillin progress, site had just been prepared in August 2010. Work started shortly after. INSPIR


It took them year to buy the land, a year to find an architect and a year to draw up plans and a year to get planning. After  such a long slow process, they now hope to be able to watch the build progress. This is their dream home and want it to be right for them and their family into the future.
It will be a very large house, it currently measures approx..5000 square feet.


 Wants an A-rated and as eco-friendly as possible home.  Adamant not to use oil…..plan to use electricity for their heating. Considered geothermal but haven’t heard of many ‘happy with geothermal’ stories and unsure about the expensive outlay.
Realise that the north-facing build, with large windows on the north side (for the views) is not great for an eco-build, but are compromising here for the sake of the views. As an ‘Upside down house’, where you enter into the kitchen and living spaces and go downstairs to the bedrooms heat will be used optimaly- any heat form bedrooms will rise to the living areas.


This will be their ‘dream home’…….lots of glass, open plan, hidden in the hillside with wonderful view.
They have clear ideas about what they want in terms of look, design and feel of the home. A close wrking relationship with the builder allows for creativity and decisions made along the way.

With the planned efficient heating system there would be no need for a fireplace however: ‘I am an Irish person, I will have a fire place!’




Derek Shaw


Steel frame and concrete foundations.

In be updated at finish of build.








6 acres of feild surrounds the house.


As long as the house didn’t break the horizon the house was fine. But a clause was put in that they need to widen the access to the land.

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