The teaSHED and private house development is based on a traditional vernacular farmyard design but with a modern twist. Main dwelling house would have been traditionally whitewashed with its out buildings and sheds built from unfinished natural materials i.e. stone & timber.  The design seeks to replicate this approach. Being built into the sloping site and stepping with the landscape the massing of the two storey house is concealed.  Mechanical ventilation heat recovery system, good insulation, reduction of cold bridges, triple glazing and good airtightness construction is paramount in the design. Natural materials such as glue Laminate Timber beams and timber posts with untreated larch cladding.


New Build


Dwelling house still under construction.  teaSHED built with sustainability at the forefront of the design utilising the Passivhaus approach.  This approach places greater emphasis on the fabric of the building to reduce heat losses negating the need for traditional central heating systems.  As a result heating will be supplied only via an energy efficient wood burning stove and distributed throughout the building by a mechanical ventilation heat recovery system.  


  • Passivhaus approach utilising good insulation, triple glazing, omission of cold bridging with good detailing, airtightness & mechanical ventilation heat recovery unit
  • Solar panels and woodburing stove with back boiler for hot water,
  • Glulam beams and timber posts for main structural elements of teaSHED,
  • partial timber frame & untreated larch cladding
  • Reclaimed stone cladding
  • Rubber mono pitched roof for future green roof.


As we are planning to live beside our new business it was important that the public private element of the developed was addressed from the outside.  The sliding untreated timber larch cladding screens help identify with the teaSHED is open and closed.



Jonathon Hay (self)


McMenamin Building Contractors Ltd (Ballybofey


Foundations          Concrete raft foundation and concrete retaining wall

Walls                  Mixture of highly insulated timber frame with untreated larch timber rainscreen                                   cladding and highly insulated cavity walls.

Structure               Gluelam timber beams and timber posts to teaSHED

Floor                       Highly insulated sand cement screed ground floor. 1st floor house timber.                            

Roof                        Highly insulated mono pitched rubber roof and highly insulated cut timber pitched                                 roof with fibre cement slate finish.

Insulation               Xtratherm Polyurethane Insulation, Aeroboard Insulation and Isowool insulation.

Insulated Blockwork            Used to minimise cold bridging (Quinntherm)

Windows               Combination of Passiv Aluminium and PVC triple glazing (Munster Joinery)

Rainwater Goods  PPC Alumnium 


Wood burning stove (Buro) with external air supply

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery unit distributes heat around the complex. 
Water:  Solar panels & back boiler to wood burning stove.



Glencar Group water scheme


Linked to existing county council waste treatment unit that served the nearby public toilets to avoid creating another potential source of pollution.


Still being developed. Timber bridge construction was built during the development as pedestrian access and a new playground has been developed by Leitrim County Council at the development.  Planning to grow produce that can be used in the teaSHED in the future.




Time Scale: Planning submitted March 2013 – Permission Granted May 2013

Grant funding approval - August 2013. 

Construction work started March 2014 and completed December 2014.

teaSHED opened May 2015

Work to the house currently ongoing. 

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