Tommy Weir and Marian Quinn



The cottage they live in has been in Tommy's family for years. They loved living in it but it became too small for their growing family, as well as being too dark and often damp. They finally decided to build an extension. They knew of Dominic Stevens through Tommy’s sister Grace and liked what he had done there. They also went to visit the ‘in-between house’ that he had just finished in south Leitrim and really liked that. Dominic came to visit them, he had little interest in the old cottage but was keen to design their extension. Marian and Tommy are filmmakers therefore design and light was important to them: they asked for more light and space, a large living area and a separate TV room. 


Old cottage, originally the village pharmacy / dispensary. It was bought by Tommy’s parents for €15,000 in 1993.


They immediately liked Dominic's design and went looking for a builder. It was as the height of the building boom and no builder wanted to take on such an unusual / non-standard build. Eventually they found a builder who was happy to take on the job: Derek Shaw. They and Dominic were very happy with the way he worked which meant that Dominic was then able to leave Tommy and Marian to project manage the build themselves. They worked well together; the build took much, much longer than aniticipated but went well. They remember Derek taking them out to Culleenamore strand and marking out the foot print of their house on the sand; it was creative and on a practical level,  a real eye-opener.


  • Renovation of an old building
  • High insulation values, the rockwool is double state guide-lines.
  • Dropped oil as a heat source.
  • Timber clad.
  • Small foot print.
  • Use of eco paints throughout for health reasons.


Amazingly clever fusing of the old cottage into the new build. From the front of the cottage you cannot see the extension so it has retained its original street front and at the back they have a large light modern space.

Highly recommend Dominic Stevens.


Dominic Stevens- highly recommend


Derek Shaw - highly recommend


Foundations Original
Walls of  cottage Lime rendered stone walls (removed the pebbledash)
 Extension Timber
 Roof  New roof timbers / slates/
Insulation 9’’ rock wool in walls, floors and ceilings.
 Finishings          Ikea Glasgow


Reconditioned Rayburn range for radiators and hot water- coal and wood.  Found that coal is too messy as the dust permeates the whole cottage. Very happy with it using wood however difficult to source a supply of reasonably priced hard wood.  Need more wood sources. Have an immersion for the summer.






Small garden with a studio for the two of them in it, linked by decking.


  • Planning:   Dominic had no problem
  • Time-scale: 18 months – 2006 – 2008 (they rented a house while the build happened)
  • Anything you would have done differently?  The Auro floor stain was a disaster. Never dried – had to be sanded off.  Heating system, would like solar panels. Need  to plant trees somewhere for their hard wood needs.
  • Satisfaction rating:   Love the house and the set up they have now, working from home and being in the village.
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